Louisiana Legislature Cannabis Policy Votes and Hearings: Schedule for April 27-28, 2022.
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Disenfranchisement on the docket down in Mississippi

August 2021 and what a bizarre time it is. More than three months ago on May 14, 2021, the Mississippi State Supreme Court published their opinion in the case of In Re Initiative Measure No. 65: Mary Hawkins Butler v. Michael Watson, Secretary of State. Henceforth,...

It’s official – Louisiana has flower! (in 2022)

It is done! Governor John Bel Edwards has now signed the "flower bill" (HB 391) that so many Louisianans helped support with calls, emails, social media posts, and in-person lobbying at "The People's House" (Louisiana State Capitol). Hard to overstate what a big...

No Justice from the Justices in Mississippi

What's missing in Mississippi today? Any sense of justice. In its place, at least for now, is a persistent sense of cowardice, injustice and even evidence of malignancy for forms of political corruption that have overtaken too many public officials and entire bodies...